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Announcing Fitbit Local and Kevin Ng Yoga + Mindfulness

With this being the first blog post on my new website, I thought I would lead with some exciting news.  Two week ago I signed my first endorsement deal with fitness and technology brand, FitBit.  As their Seattle yoga ambassador, one of my main duties is to create experiences where we “Get Together, Sweat Together” to help you find your fit and stay motivated to reach your goals.  What this means for you is more opportunities to practice, connect, and share experiences together FOR FREE.  Our big debut launch party is on Saturday March 26th 9AM at the Seattle Center Armory, registration link is here.  The first 150 people who arrive will receive a free yoga mat and t-shirts until we run out of inventory.  I look forward to seeing all my current students there in addition to those who I have yet had the pleasure to meet!  Every month after the launch we will be hosting a free class at different places in the Seattle area with the same goal in mind: “Get Together, Sweat Together.”  You can find more information on the FitBit Local site.

Why you love Fitbit?

When doing research on the company, I came across Fitbit’s mission statement as follows “To empower and inspire you to live a healthier, more active life. We design products and experiences that fit seamlessly into your life so you can achieve your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be.”

As you can see, I drew parallels with how I strive to connect others personally to their best selves with yoga and mindfulness and how FitBit does the same with technology.  I felt it was a great fit for us to come together to create an experience that was unique and aligned.

How did this opportunity come about?

FitBit discovered me through my Instagram account which surprised me because of my unique perspective on social media.  If you follow me on Instagram or like my page on Facebook, you’ll notice that I try to stay true to my mission of helping others realize their best selves with quotes that have changed my perspective and features of other students who I admire; pictures of me are relatively infrequent.  This is a non-traditional approach in that most accounts are about the person and as a result I have not amassed a large number of followers.  I didn’t expect to have a national brand to even notice my page let alone have that be the main launching point for them to contact me.  It just goes to show you that if you stay authentic to your true self no matter the medium of communication, things will continue to progress for you in the right way.

Which Fitbit device do you currently use?

Currently I am using the FitBit Surge which is the first fitness tracker I’ve used from the company.  This is their flagship product as it offers the most amounts of features in their lineup.  A couple of things I really appreciate are the different types of exercise you can tell the FitBit you are doing other than running, which in my case is Yoga and Weights.  I also find the heartrate monitoring gives good perspective to your current state and the sleep tracking as rest and recovery is often times forgotten in the bigger picture of a good health and wellness regiment.  Overall I am still exploring how to integrate all these new analytics to my overall health and wellness regime but, I am very excited to have this new found information that wasn’t available to me before wearing the FitBit.

What are you most excited about with this partnership?

I am most excited about the opportunity to reach different groups of people and share my perspective on yoga and mindfulness, especially with those that haven’t tried it before.   Our monthly events serve as the perfect forum to experience things risk free, removing the hassle of having to purchase an intro package or private session.